Monday, October 6, 2008

Welcome to New Faces

I just sent out a mass email to everyone to invite them to check out the new site, so hopefully we should be seeing some new faces around here soon. Remember, anyone and everyone is invited (nay encouraged!) to add content and participate. So please leave us a comment, or shoot us an email, and we'll get you set up with authoring rights.

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by. 

(note: The frog-cat photo doesn't have anything to do with anything; I just thought it was funny)


Denise said...

Britt - cousin Denise here, Uncle Carl's daughter - thanks so much for creating this site - it looks awesome!

ARBERT said...

Hello everyone - Cousin Arbert stopping by to say what a great site you guys have created. Hello and God Bless to everyone.


chuck lindley said...

For all of you Lindleys!
I have put into the calendar what I have as birthdays. If they aren't correct please let me know. I will soon post all the anniversarys that I have.