Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Family History

I thought some of you might like to read some of the things I have found about the Family!
I got this story from R.S. Sanders:
Wesley shared with his brother Romulus and brother in law Andrew McWilliams, the lease of 160 acres of land in 1884, with an agreement to build two log cabins, 14 feet square in size. Wesley and Lizzy Sanders probably lived in one of these cabins.

Wesley and Lizzy moved to Shackleford Countty in the 1890's They finally settled near Fort Griffin in Shackleford County. Some of their children were born in Caldwell county, but most of the children were born, went to school and were married in Shackleford county, Texas. Wesley and Lizzy became land owners and respectable citizens of Shackleford county. Unlike his brothers, and sisters Wesley refused to move from place to place. Lizzy McKean Sanders died in 1913 and Wesley married Ora Gandy that same year, Sept. 26, in Shackleford county Ora bore him several more children.

A daughter-in-law recalled some of the traits that Wesley had. She recalled that Wesley never believed in having an excess of chopped wood, or in later years kerosene fuel.His wife would remind him well ahead of time that more wood or kerosene was needed. Yet , only when the last log was on the fire would Wesley move to get more wood. He also had a habit of laying something down and forgetting where he had put it. (Several other Sanders have that trait.)Wesley had a quick temper and a deep respect for women. Once a fellow came over to borrow Wesley's gun. The fellow had been drinking, and Wesley refused to lend him the gun for this reason. The drinking man began to curse loudly in the hearing of his wife. Wesley's hand came out of his pocket with what appeared to be an open knife, because he had opened it so fast. His nephews, Henry and Andrew Sanders, caught his hand just as the knife reached the fellow's throat, saving his life.
Wesley also liked his whiskey. If he had a bad habit it was his drinkin. This habit became so bad that he could not drive. His wife had to drive to town for groceries. One day as his wife was leaving to get groceries, she turned to him and asked him, "Is there anything I can get you?" He replied "Bring me a Bible." He began reading and studying it. He became a preacher for awhile and held revivals in various country churches. One of these churches was at Curry Chapel in Haskell, Texas. Wesley is buried in Albany, Texas between his two wives.

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