Wednesday, September 9, 2009


These are in response to am e=mail I sent to her about the graves in Union Hill Cemetery.
I also asked her about Mary Maddox Peoples.

Hello Cousin

O.K. This is one more mess.

My grandmother maiden name was Maddox/Mattox, she was the daughter of Stephen Whittfield Maddox, son of Permelia Mattox sister to Mary Mattox-Lemond-Peoples

Mary had at least two children out-of-wedlock, one was Sarah born in 1860 she was single but she also had a daughter out-of-wedlock [It is unknown who Sarah's father was] The other child was named Thomas Lindley was your ancestor. As the story goes Thomas Mark Lindley had both Mary Maddox and Elizabeth Ball pregnant. He married Elizabeth Ball and he gave Mary Maddox some land and built her a house for her child. The boys were raised as twins.

Mary later married Robert Lemond [He is buried in the Hill/McClung Cemetery Randolph County.] Later Mary married a man named Peoples [I have no idea where he came from, it is possible he was from Clay County AL.]

Back in the early 1990's some of your direct cousins from CA/TX put up markers for Mary Maddox-Lemond-Peoples, her daughter Sarah Maddox and I think a child by my great grandfather Stephen W. Maddox at Union Hill. I think they got the first husband & the second husband mixed up, because they put up a marker for Robert Peoples. I have tried to find a Robert Peoples/Peeples/Peebles on the census for Alabama & Georgia-There was no one by that name.

As a child I remember going to the cemetery and helping clean the graves off and I remember my family saying those graves were [surname] Hills. I told the Lindleys in CA/TX this but the took the word of Jesse New who was over 100 years old over mine [I think he just told people what they wanted to hear and agreed with them.]

Sarah Maddox died in the Poor House/Pauper Farms around 1915. Unless a family member [Which I doubt] went and picked her body up. Sarah would be buried in the Pauper Farms Cemetery Randolph County.

Sarah's daughter Mary Jane Maddox married James Roberts they are buried at Chulafinnee Cleburne County AL. I would not be shocked if Mary Maddox-Lemond-Peoples went to live with them and is buried up at Chulafinnee in an unmarked grave. If indeed the Peoples man came from Clay County AL. He would be buried there also or Bethel in Clay County about 4 or 5 miles away.

There is also another son James who married Jane Hill-Duffey. They are also buried in the Hill/McClung Cemetery Randolph County.

I have been doing genealogy since 1992 and I cannot find this family in 1850. There is a Mattox man out in OK who spins of Whit Mattox listed above. He has worked on this and done DNA testing with other Mattox males and he and not had much luck either.

My mother was always so embarrassed by Permelia because she had 6 or 7 kids out-of-wedlock and I was too. Until I started working on the cemeteries in Randolph County and I saw she was not alone. There were more bastards being born in Randolph County in the 1860's than in the 1960's.

If you need anything else I can send you my Union Hill genealogy.


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